Jinsoyun Itsuko

Immortal Swordsman




Jinsoyun, born to the Itsuko clan, has no known age. He has been wandering for generations, longing for a purpose.

Jinsoyun traded his mortal life for power. He was given a powerful blade, which could cut through any armor, and strike down any foe. His reflexes were enhanced, along with his strength. In return, he was to forever serve the dark one who had granted him the power.

After he had lead his dynasty to glory in the great war, he dissappeared. The dark one used him to feed himself. One day, Jinsoyun was asked to kill two boys for the dark one, and Jinsoyun refused. Through a masterclass of trickery, Jinsoyun used the dark one’s own weapon against him, sealing him within the blade.

Now his story is distorted through legends, only being known as the passing old wanderer who roams the land he had once united.

Jinsoyun Itsuko

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