Akira (Koryo) Inori

Fox Yokai


Do to her being cast out at such a young age she was never taught how to use her magical abilities. She did teach herself to summon fire though its not strong enough to be used in combat very well but it can be used to light campfires and light dark places. She did much better with her illusions out of necessity so she could hide her ears and tails or flee when needed. When it actually comes to fighting she has a small dagger she uses and doesn’t exactly fight fair using her illusions to trick her opponent. She is adept at stealing and acrobatics cause of her need to steal to get food or clothes and running from anyone they may want to kill her for those acts of survival.


Born into the kitsune clan of the Inori (Hope). She was named Akira cause her parents wished for her to be a bright and kind kitsune but their wishes did not get granted. she grew up loving pranks and played tricks on her fellow peer all the time going so far as to almost killing a few. she was branded with the title of Koryo meaning One of Mischief. Once she was finally of age to fend for herself her clan cast her out deeming her too incorrigible. Ever since then she has stolen and tricked people into feeding her and given her safe places to sleep living off of other people more so then off of her own fox like abilities only using them when absolutely needed.

Akira (Koryo) Inori

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