Toyotomi Hideyoshi



A professional in tactics, and a moderately good warrior. Hideyoshi was a general under one of the great shoguns, but upon the Shogun’s death, his successors exiled Hideyoshi. Now he possesses a reputation of a Slaughterer, and a sadist. It has made a difficult living, but he has never let it bother him. He tends to don his old armor, ensuring any people that question are met with brutality.


“You are nothing more than a disgrace of a man. Any man who would give authority to a mass slaughterer is a fool.”

“I am the shogun! I earned this position! I didn’t inherit it like any of you weaklings.”

“Dishonor taints your name. We will never stand for your kind in the new world.”

“I did what needed to be done. You all don’t have the guts to do it.”

“This discussion is over. General Hideyoshi, you will leave this place or you will be executed.”

“You… You are exiling me?! After all I’ve done for this land!”

“We are not here to argue. You are dangerous Hideyoshi. And I will not hide it, I do not hold you in favor. If it were not for the Shogun’s like of you, I would have your head.”

“Then you had better cut my head off. I will not leave quietly!”

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

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